Team Spotlight: Kristen Fogel

When did you start at Koss Olinger? May 15th, 2023

What is your role at Koss Olinger? Executive Assistant

Where did you grow up? Ocala/The Villages, FL

Do you have pets? If yes, tell us about them. I have a Sheltie named Daisy and a Ball Python named Trenton. Daisy is very happy and energetic. Trenton is a sweet angel who loves to cuddle and watch Planet Earth.

What is something people would find surprising to learn about you? I really enjoy working on cars. I grew up working on them with my dad, and I always do my own car maintenance if I have the time and resources.

What do you consider to be your best quality? My sense of humor and ability to take on any challenge that comes my way.

If you could have dinner with one famous person from history, who would it be and why? Probably someone who disappeared without a trace, like Amelia Earhart or the Colony of Roanoke. I just need to know what happened.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Don’t be afraid to ask for help and utilize your resources. Asking for help isn’t taking an “easy way out.”

What is your superpower? I’m always finding jewelry, tools, and money on the ground. My best find yet is probably $80.

What is your favorite food? I love spicy food! Some of my favorites are ramen, hot wings, and Hispanic food.

What do you think is your biggest contribution to the Koss Olinger team? My passion for helping others and problem-solving.