Investment Advisory Committee

Koss Olinger’s Investment Advisory Committee (IAC), comprised of our financial advisors and professional staff, monitors investment positions on a daily and weekly basis. The IAC examines market conditions, emerging trends and any other variables that may impact a client’s portfolio. Based on in-depth market analysis and the committee’s vast experience, the IAC proactively makes adjustments to holdings and portfolios to minimize risk and protect each client’s investments.

Following a mix of passive and active investment strategies, combined with manager research and due diligence, the IAC seeks upside opportunities for wealth accumulation with a concern for downside risks in line with each client’s strategic asset allocation.

Over 50 years of Investment Management Experience. Contributes equity and value manager analysis.
Over 25 years of Investment Management Experience. Certified Investment Management Analyst designation received through IMCA and Wharton. Analyzes macroeconomic trends. Chairs the IAC.
Over 20 years of Investment Management Experience. Researches and analyzes bonds and fixed income options.
Over 20 years of Investment Management Experience. Evaluates Benchmark Analysis against selected portfolios.
Over 35 years experience monitoring systems in the financial industry. Oversight of compliance and regulatory matters.
Over 19 years of Investment Management Experience. Leads the Investment Department and is a key member of the Investment Advisory Committee. Ben is responsible for evaluating investment and portfolio performance and emerging trends through market analysis then providing strategic portfolio adjustment recommendations to the IAC.

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