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Capitalize on your greatest opportunities and steer clear of your worst fears to create your best lifetime experience.

Learn more about the process designed to provide clarity around the sale of a business, real estate holding, or other illiquid asset.

Two Proven Steps To Build A Secure Future

We understand that your life and wealth present questions and challenges outside of asset management so we developed the tools to build a secure future.

STEP 1: The Wealth Navigator System™

A five-step, goal-based process towards creating a game plan for your financial security.

Our team starts with a one-on-one meeting with you to discuss your needs and financial goals. Whether you are planning for retirement, want to minimize taxes, have recently sold an asset, or are creating a road map for the next generation, we’re here.

Our goal is to build multi-generational relationships focused on supporting you and your family. Learn more about how our unique planning process can benefit you.

STEP 2: The Wealth Manager™

Now that you have a game plan for your life, assets, and investments, it's time to take action

You can implement your plan yourself, utilize someone you currently work with, or hire Koss Olinger or a firm like Koss Olinger to put your plan into action.

If you choose Koss Olinger, we utilize our trademarked implementation process, The Wealth Manager™. The Wealth Manager™ is a proven system of implementation and monitoring that helps keep you, your assets, and your investments on track while helping you reach your goals.


Over 50 Years Of Experience & Three Generations Working For You

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