KO Staff Spotlight: Jami Wilson

Business Manager, Jami Wilson, joined the Koss Olinger team a year and a half ago.

Jami is a key member of our team. From back office accounting to team leadership, Jami is integral to the day-to-day operations. We appreciate Jami’s commitment and contributions to Koss Olinger.

9 Questions with Jami Wilson

  1. How long have you been with Koss Olinger and what is your role? One year and six months. I am the Business Manager.
  2. Where did you grow up? Primarily Gainesville and outside of Jacksonville
  3. Do you have any pets? If yes, tell us about them. Yes, one boxer named Rosie.
  4. What is something people would find surprising to learn about you? That I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar or the drums. Maybe this should be a bucket list item…
  5. What do you consider your best quality? My loyalty
  6. If you could have dinner with one famous person from history who would it be? Maybe Cate Blanchett because I simply love her as an actress. Or it would be Giada De Laurentiis because I love her food and cooking shows. 
  7. What is the best advice you ever received? That every situation in life is useful because you will always learn something about others or yourself. 
  8. What is your favorite food? Mexican is my favorite type of food.
  9. What do you think is your biggest contribution to the Koss Olinger team? My attention to detail. My position requires it as well.