Corporate Retirement Plan Services: David Mejia, CPFA®

A message from Koss Olinger’s Retirement Plan Advisor, David Mejia, CPFA®


At Koss Olinger, we will help you select excellent service providers for your company’s retirement plan and appropriate investment options for the plan participants. Once those selections are made, we will help monitor the service providers and investment options periodically to ensure the plan stays in good health. We will meet with you and your leadership team to make sure you are aware of your roles and responsibilities as plan fiduciaries, and we will serve as a valuable educational resource for your team.

As an independent firm, we do not have any pressure to recommend a particular investment or service provider. Our service is structured in a way that allows us to look at all the options for your company’s retirement plan. We work for you and your employees. As a 3(21) fiduciary, we are legally and ethically required to put the plan participants’ interests first every time we make a recommendation.


If you would like to discuss a possible retirement plan service or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


3(21) Fiduciary Advisor Services:

  • Retirement Education and Advice for Plan Participants
  • Plan Fiduciary Education
  • Plan Management Services
  • Preparation of Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Menu Design
  • Investment Performance Monitoring
  • Preparation of Investment Reports