Asset Planning: The Optimized Portfolio Solution™

Koss Olinger’s Asset Optimization System for Asset Planning

Our trademarked asset optimization process is called the Optimized Portfolio Solution™

Why Asset Management?

Determining the optimal investment strategy is imperative for any financial or estate plan. With increasing economic uncertainty and a seemingly unlimited universe of asset planning and investment strategies and options, determining what fits best in your situation can seem like an overwhelming task.

The Optimized Portfolio Solution™ (TOPS™) is a time-tested process that identifies the best investment strategy for your situation, freeing you up from the daily worries of whether your investments are positioned correctly.

What do we use to optimize your assets?

TOPS™ provides answers to questions such as:

  • Am I taking too much or too little risk with my investments?
  • Do I have my assets divided into different buckets, taking care of different goals and different time horizons?
  • Are my investments generating unnecessary taxes?
  • Do all of my accounts have an investment policy statement to help keep me on track?
  • Are my accounts being rebalanced so I stay within my risk parameters?

Other benefits of The Optimized Portfolio Solution™ also include:

  • Gaining confidence through a customized asset management and investment strategy
  • Peace of mind knowing your investments are working in the optimal way for you
  • High level of clarity on what investment options are and are not best suited for your situation

How do we optimize your assets?

We develop a specific investment policy statement (IPS) for every investment account. This IPS is based on our Investment Advisory Committee’s (IAC) perspective on both macro and micro-economic trends. In order to help determine the best investment options for each asset class within your IPS, we actively seek out the best investment options that yield the best combination of returns, volatility management and tax considerations.

Whether you goal is to maximize returns, minimize volatility or some combination of the two, we can help build a portfolio best suited to meet your needs.

It would be our pleasure to be a resource for you and your family. Please contact us to explore how we can help you get back to what matters most.