Wealth & Relationships: An Interview with Dr. Chuck Misja

As a firm it is our goal to be a partner with you through all of life’s seasons, not just in a wealth management role, but as a resource to help alleviate worries and provide clarity in the many areas of your life. Through our work we notice that the worries of our clients are very similar. Financial and market concerns arise but so do family concerns, relational concerns, and health concerns. Accordingly, we have begun tapping into our network of professional partners, who we lean on almost daily, to help bring insight and information to you through a new interview series.

The first of our interviews is with Dr. Chuck Misja who is an Industrial Psychologist we have worked with for nearly two decades. He has not only helped us with the growth and evolution of our business, but he has been instrumental in navigating many challenging family situations that have arisen within our client families.

In this video Dr. Chuck addresses:

  • Strategies for successfully raising children in wealth
  • Navigating family dynamics and difficult conversations around wealth, inheritance, and estate planning
  • How to best handle the transition into retirement from a relational and social perspective

If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to let any of the Partners know.

P.S.- Our audio mixer had the day off. We hope you can look past the sometimes imperfect audio and enjoy the excellent info Dr. Chuck has to share!