Partner Tim Roark Is Mentor Of The Year

We are proud to announce that our very own Tim Roark was announced as The Education Foundation of Alachua County’s Take Stock in Children program 2020 Mentor of the Year!

The Education Foundation writes:

The Education Foundation of Alachua County’s Take Stock in Children program is excited to introduce Tim Roark as its 2020 Mentor of the Year!

Tim has been a mentor with our TSIC program for four years and his enthusiasm goes beyond his role as a mentor.

Since meeting his mentee Bevan in 2015, he has had 114 mentor sessions. He even helped plan a surprise birthday party for Bevan and his twin brother at their school!

He has personally recruited 22 mentors, which totals 318 mentor sessions, and counting! The mentors he recruited have a combined 16 years of volunteer mentoring service, plus 7 new mentors who are still in their first year of service.

He has also served as a volunteer on our TSIC Leadership Council, and has served on several committees of The Education Foundation, including development and finance, and as of June 2019, he is the board Vice President and Treasurer.

“Mr. Tim has challenged me to be a better person, student, and man. For example, one day he asked about my report card, and I told him I got A’s, B’s, and C’s. He said, and I quote, “That’s OK but I know you can do way better.” After that, I strived to do better, getting A’s and B’s on the next report and aiming higher for the next. Not only did this make him and me happy but it made me realize that I could always do it, and Mr. Tim was just the extra push along the way. When I had doubts or just thought I couldn’t do something Mr. Tim is always there to help me out and set a new challenge for me.” – Bevan Bates.

Congratulations, Tim! Thank you for your continued dedication as a mentor with the Take Stock in Children program.